About Us

Welcome To Intus

Who We Are

Intus Care is a healthcare technology company focused on being on the cutting edge of where healthcare, regulation, and technology meet through innovation.

What We Do

Intus Care enables home healthcare organizations to electronically verify when their care providers arrive and depart from care appointments as well as monitor the care services provided. Through artificial intelligence-driven analysis, Intus Care measures provider performance efficiency and formulates predictive patient care guidance.

The Intus Care Difference

Intus Care utilizes an easy to use interface as well as non-disruptive care tracking tools in order to provide simple Electronic Visitor Verification and provider management tools. In an industry with high turnover rates, and difficult onboarding processes, Intus Care takes the complications out of care logs and insurance billing and helps new care providers transition smoothly into their organizations. 

Intus Care provides a simple, high-quality, cost-effective solution that enables home healthcare companies to manage and monitor care providers, patients, and appointments. Using a multi-step Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) process, which includes GPS, and task duration monitoring, Intus Care is able to verify when care providers arrive and depart from care appointments. Upon logging into Intus Care’s system and selecting an appointment, the care providers gain access to patient-specific care plans and other relevant health information for the appointment. As the care provider completes each task, they check off on each of the planned activities in real-time, which sends an automatic time-stamp to their care organization. Upon the conclusion of the appointment, the care provider can rate patient metrics from the appointment (i.e. patient mood and compliance). Finally, this care data is compiled in an insurance-complaint format that care organizations can use for reimbursement of services; simplifying the complicated and time consuming billing and verification process.

Meet The Team

Robbie Felton


Robbie developed the initial idea and recruited the team members. He provides project leadership and decision-making, and builds and maintains relationships with partners and related organizations. Before Intus, Robbie created a youth intergenerational program at Huron Valley PACE, a geriatric healthcare facility for students to volunteer and connect with older adults. Robbie did health outcomes research at the University of Michigan Department of Health Policy. Robbie is concentrating in Public Health at Brown University.

Evan Jackson


Evan provides financial knowledge for working through investor deals and deciding on the best use of funds. Evan has experience working in a Private Equity fund, focused on healthcare investments. Through this experience, he gained invaluable knowledge about deal-making and structuring, particularly in the healthcare space. Evan also has experience in finance as an intern at Bank of America. Evan is concentrating in Economics and Religious Studies at Brown University.

Samuel Prado


Samuel is responsible for customer engagement and works in sales, product management, and product development. He has experience volunteering at a nursing home and dementia unit in Vero Beach, Florida. Samuel has further experience in event planning and prior to Intus, cofounded Force of Habit clothing. At Force of Habit he was responsible for production, marketing, and sales. Samuel is concentrating in Public Health and Economics at Brown University.

Alexander Rothberg


Alex has a strong background in software engineering, and is responsible for managing and organizing Intus Care’s technical efforts. Alex has experience working in a successful startup in the MedTech space, and has also worked as a data scientist at a nationally recognized restaurant technology company.